If you want to knock a story off the front page, You just change your hairstyle


Stylish Wedding Hairstyles

When speaking about marriage hair style I quickly picture anything innovative and complicated with stylish hair equipment and of course a pretty tiara. I…


care for beautiful woman legs

Tips For Those On Their Feet All Day

People who spend all day on their feet, whether hair stylists, waiting staff, teachers, traffic wardens – whoever; they are all behaving in a…


Why Prefer Gareth Newstead

All of us need to undergo photographic sessions at one time or the other. Let it be a wedding reception, some get-together or any…


Finding Your Wedding Bands

One of the most exciting things about getting married is picking out wedding bands with your sweetheart. After all, this is a ring that’s…

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zara printed pants

How To Wear Printed Pants

Fashion trends are known to reemerge so it’s not surprising that popular styles from a decade ago are again becoming hot styles. Printed pants…